City of Greensboro Grants Application 2017

The PEH Allocations team has finalized the 2017 grant documents and is prepared to begin the City of Greensboro grants competition for CDBG, Nussbaum, and ESG funding.  These funding sources are competitive and the Allocations team looks forward to reviewing all program proposals, both existing and new, in the coming weeks and months.

The grant application is due by Tuesday, March 7th by 5 pm. If you plan to apply, please email by Friday, February 17th at 5 pm stating your intention to apply and for what type of project (please send the email to The Allocations Team is planning on-sight interviews during the latter part of March and beginning of April. It would be helpful to schedule those as soon as possible.

Please submit 1 hard copy by mail or in person and 1 electronic copy to Gwen Dale Taylor (Partners Ending Homelessness, 1500 Yanceyville St, Greensboro, NC  27405).
The City of Greensboro has supplied its eligibility criteria document and here is PEH’s eligibility and priority document. Please read these documents carefully as you consider and prepare your application. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the PEH and Allocation teams.

Finally, here are the PEH guidelines that contain the grant instructions and the logic model chart (if you are a new applicant).  The grant application form in the link above will serve as the Grant Cover Sheet. Please use the list at the bottom of the cover sheet to make sure you have supplied all of the required documents. And it is important to note that the Allocations Team has revamped the scoring criteria this year. This matches more consistently with HUD’s scoring processes and priorities.

If you have any questions about the application requirements, data-related inquiries, or the process in general please contact the PEH team.