CoC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, May 4, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting

May 4, 2017

The Guilford County Continuum of Care Board of Directors met in regular session in the boardroom of the United Way of High point (201 Church Ave. High Point, NC) at 1:00 PM.

PRESENT: Debbie Bailey, Dana Bentley, Brett Byerly, Tom Campbell, Ramona Carl, Bennita Curtain, Cynthia Davis, Ruth DeHoog, Jamal Fox, Tina Gray, Brian Hahne, Randal Hoover, Steve Key, Edward Keohohou, Gattis Long, Jackie Lucas, Donna McCormick, Shanna Reece, Hope Rife, Wes Ward, Sarah Roethlinger, Crystal Broadnax and Gwen Taylor

REGRETS:, Ray Trapp, Wendy Scott, Yathisha Blythe

ABSENT: Cam Cridlebaugh

Welcome and introductions Jackie, Board Chair of the Continuum of Care (CoC) called the meeting to order. Members introduced themselves, noted the organization they represent.


Review and Approve Minutes from April 6, 2017 Cynthia Davis made a motion to approve the April 6th Board minutes. Tom Campbell seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.


Additional Nominees for Board of Directors Jackie introduced the additional nominees to the Board of Directors.

•Greensboro Police Lt. Calvin Stevens-nominated by Wendy Scott to fill the Greensboro law enforcement vacancy.

•James Lawson – nominated by Jackie Lucas for the Business Representative. Mr. Lawson is the owner of many businesses. Saint Gales Manor Nursing Home, Lawson and Associates Adult Enrichment Center of Guilford County and Lawson and Associates, LLC a Real Estate Firm.

•Dr. Irish Spencer – nominated by Jackie Lucas for the Community Related Individual/Business. Dr. Spencer is with Spencer Group Incorporated, a corporate marketing, advertising, event management firm.   She’s also President and CEO of Welfare Reform Liaison Project Inc. WRLP Inc. a community action agency focused on workforce development and eradicating poverty in Guilford County.

•Shanna Reece nomination to fill the Advocacy vacancy.

•Kay Cashion nominated to the board to fill the Government representative

•Masesta Dorely-self-nomination to fill the Advocacy vacancy. She is the Executive Director of Turning Point 180. Turning Point 180 is an agency in Guilford County which provides housing for families experiencing homelessness.

The board discussed the advocacy vacancy and it was decided that the Board would recommend that Maseta work on a committee and Shanna Reece will fill the Advocacy vacancy nomination. Cynthia has talked with the city manager about filling the HP City police vacancy.   Cynthia made a motion to approve the list of nominees and Donna seconded the motion which was unanimously approved.

Motion carried to take nominations to Coc meeting on June 8th.

Discussion of pressing work for Committee Jackie sent out an email to the Executive Directors in CoC to ask for nominations to work on our committees and asked for the nominee to be submitted by June 8th.

Tom Campbell inquired for number of members on each committee. Jackie stated that 3-5 on each committee would be appropriate. Cynthia stated 5 would be best in case anyone is absent.

Jackie reported on a correction for Committee Chair assignments. Our charter indicates that our Chair Elect, Brett Byerly would serve to chair Governance and Nominating committee and our Secretary, Sarah Roethlinger, to chair Membership committee.

Jackie suggested that it would be a good idea for the newly elected board members to get some additional training as they chair their committee. Jackie will get with chairs individually to decide how we can best serve the chairs to start in their work.

Collaborative Applicant submission information to HUD as required for CoC registration process Brian Hahne reported that PEH is registered as the collaborative applicant, with the assistance of Margaret. The NOFA is anticipated to drop at the end of this month or the end of June. Gwen, Brian, Benita, and Debbie are meeting next week with Jackie Hundt, who has assisted with the grant writing in the past, working on strategy for the summer.



Training Reports Debbie Bailey reported on the Bowman training she attended. Debbie spent one week in April attending a boot camp training for HMIS. The training was heavily focused on a new reporting tool that bowman is going to rolling out very soon. The new reporting tool will be much easier to build reports and navigate. Debbie still does not have the tool. They are rolling out it out now and in the next couple of weeks will have the server in place. They are in the process of upgrading to service point 6 which will be more user friendly and more intuitive. Anticipating it will be released mid next year. It will be embedded into Service Point. We are unsure of the cost structure to have a license to be able to run reports.   Once Debbie hears about the cost, she will pass on that information.

Bennita Curtain reported on a Community Solutions 2 day intensive training Built for Zero that she and Debbie attended. She reported that the training focused on how to finish the work on ending chronic homelessness. They want to see by August of this year we are able to house the 25 people on the chronic homeless list. They put us on a veteran and chronic homeless track to see where we are in our community. We are hoping to see more progress over the next couple of months. They check in our numbers weekly. Bennita stressed that we need to focus on diversion.   HMIS tracks that a lot of people are coming from friends and family and they want to see how we can divert them back. Diversion and maintaining our system are the two things we are looking to focus on.

Debbie Baily reported that our Veteran homeless count right now is 57. She reported that if Veterans were not literally homeless and have a housing plan, we don’t have to count them in our active homeless numbers.

Coordinated Entry Brian Hahne gave an update on Coordinated entry and his meeting with Diane from HUD. In discussion with coordinated entry committee…The HUD grant that is still in IRC’s name but they have executed the contract; no dollars have been spent. We would like to move that grant ($60,000) from IRC to PEH and Diane is willing to work with us on amending our contract. PEH would not be doing the coordinated entry but would access dollars for planning. Michelle Kennedy has written a letter releasing that grant. We will need to make edits to contract so that it’s not all for just services. Brian wants to submit that to the board for approval.

Shanna reported that the funds would be used for Margaret’s consultant services to make sure things are in compliance with HUD is requirements. There will still be pot of money to get the Coordinated Entry started. Shana estimates it would cost between $5,000-$10,000. In order to secure it and make sure it’s safe, we would need PEH be the fiscal agent for that money until the next applicant can apply.

Cynthia Davis motioned for PEH to be fiscal agent for the 15’-16’ HUD funds of $60,000 and allowing up to $10,000 for planning purposes for coordinated entry until someone is identified as lead agency. Anything above $10,000 will have to be approved by the Executive Committee. Tom Campbell seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Shanna Reece reported that Coordinated Entry Committee has been meeting weekly to have a plan to present to the board in the next couple of months. Margaret has been given an extension to help with this. Shanna reported that they expect to use a no wrong door type of model to increase access for clients. The committee has talked about diversion and how we can do a much better job with that. The model recommends that 20-25% of people should be diverted. They are looking at different tools to use to get as much information as possible. The committee meets every Monday. Wendy Scott wants to be considered to work on the coordinated entry committee.   Coordinated entry committee members must be approved by the Board

Tom Campbell motioned for Wendy Scott and Robbielene Lawhorn to be appointed to the Coordinated Entry Committee. Hope Rife seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved by the Board.

Topics Covered in June 8th meeting Topics to take to CoC meetings on June 8th:

Cythia Davis suggested that we cap out committees at no more than 11 and no less than 5 with a preference to have odd numbers.

Meeting minutes will need to be emailed to Sarah, Board Secretary once your committee meets.

Brian and PEH team will discuss NOFA process at the CoC meeting.

Brett Byerly motioned for Romona Carl to serve on the housing resource committee. Tom Campbell seconded the motion and the Board approved unanimously.

Old and New Business Old Business: None

New Business:

Brain Hahne gave an invitation to Home Run for homelessness.

Brett Byerly encouraged the board and its’ affiliated groups to advocate as hard as we can for the individuals we serve. He is concerned our agencies are not going to get the help that we need since there is a momentum toward workforce housing. Ed Keohohou inquired on how we can respond or even acknowledge this issue as a board and is concerned about the people who don’t meet the requirements/criteria for the workforce housing programs.

  Gwen, Board Chair Jackie Lucas and Board Secretary Sarah Roethlinger will review the minutes and Gwen will post them on the CoC website.


The meeting adjourned at 2:01 p.m.


Sarah Roethlinger, Secretary                                  Jackie Lucas, Chair