CoC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, August 9, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2017


The Guilford County Continuum of Care Board of Directors met in regular session in the boardroom of the United Way of Greensboro (201 Yanceyville Rd., Greensboro NC) at 10:00 AM.

PRESENT:  Dana Bentley, Brett Byerly, Tom Campbell, Ruth DeHoog, Tina Gray, Brian Hahne, Randal Hoover, Jackie Lucas, Donna McCormick, Hope Rife, Sarah Roethlinger, Crystal Broadnax, Wendy Scott, Dr. Irish Spencer, Lt. Calvin Stevens, Kay Cashion, James Lawson

ABSENT:  Cam Cridlebaugh, Wes Ward, Gattis Long, Ed Keohohou, Shanna Reece, Ramona Carl


Welcome and introductions Jackie, Board Chair of the Continuum of Care (CoC) called the meeting to order. New Board Members introduced themselves, noted the organization they represent.
Review and Approve Minutes from May 4, 2017 Donna McCormick made a motion to approve the May 4th CoC Board minutes. Dr. Irish Spencer seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.
NOFA Update Brian Hahne reported on the NOFA update:  The NOFA dropped 30 days later than anticipated.  Our team with Jackie Hundt are working on the NOFA.  System Performance and Evaluation Committee has changed.  Hope Rife and Wes Ward have stepped up to chair the Committee.  They met for 2 hours to work through the scoring model and process.  They want to be as transparent as possible. Please read cliff version of the NOFA (13 pages).  That committee will be meeting at the end of the month to rank and score the projects. NOFA due September 28th.
Housing and Service Linkage Brian Hahne reported he was invited to Charlotte to hear a guest speaker, Kirby Davis, who is a property owner and manager in Nashville, TN to speak about his work in housing the homeless.  Around the table were different leaders and specifically property owners.  Most have 5% vacancy rate and was going after the 1% that could house our clients and link housing services.  He was helping service providers who struggle to help translate our work to the owners.  Brian has his contact information if we ever want him to come to this community.  He as able to facilitate and talk about his success in Nashville.  Brian will email out Kirby Davis’ information.
NC Emergency Shelter Grant Update Brian Hahne reported that PEH is in the role and state ESG (Emergency Shelter Grant) funds. Three documents in draft forms- RFP competition and announcement and spells out what is needed and expected for renewal and new applicants.  The 2nd document is the PEH grant guidelines application and the 3rd is Logic model.  Brian recommended today that we streamline and simplify for renewal applicants and we simply do a state application, logic model and submission of the budget.  The new applicants would have to submit a PEH and state application so we make sure they meet the basics of what is required for state funds. PEH was the continuum of care and we are no longer that.  We support and facilitate this process but at the end of the day, the CoC Board approves this process.  The state reviews and makes the award and we have to submit as the Collaborate Applicant.  It is not official when the state will release the application but could be as soon as August 21st.
Committee Chair Updates Coordinated Entry Update: Wendy Scott reported that the committee is meeting weekly. They have made a lot of progress.  They are focused now on establishing policies and procedures so when the proposal is given what it will look like in Guilford County.  She reported on diversion tools.  They have been meeting with Margaret McFadden, the HUD representative in Guilford County, on how they operate in Charlotte.  They have been looking at policies of procedures in Charlotte so a proposal can be presented.


Brian explained Coordinated entry to new Board members: We have to be in compliance with Coordinated Entry (CE).  No wrong door approach to get folks in the right programs.  It will affect us in next year’s NOFA.  We are in the process of moving that $60,000 to PEH from IRC.  The IRC pulled out of CE in March and had never spent any of that money.  It can only be used for the implementation of CE.  The city of Greensboro has been supporting Coordinated Entry.


Membership Committee: Sarah reported that two new organizations recently joined the CoC: Welfare Reform Liaison Project and NC A&T Disability Services.


Old and New Business Old Business: None

New Business: No


  Board Chair Jackie Lucas and Board Secretary Sarah Roethlinger will review the minutes and Sarah will post them on the CoC website.


The meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM.





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Sarah Roethlinger, Secretary                                                                          Jackie Lucas, Chair