CoC Membership Meeting – June 8, 2017

Note:  These minutes have been reviewed by the CoC Chair and Secretary; they will be approved at the next CoC Membership meeting scheduled for August 10, 2017.

Continuum of Care Membership Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.

The Guilford County Continuum of Care membership meeting met in regular session in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greensboro at 5603 Hilltop Rd, Jamestown, NC 27282 on June 8, 2017 at 9:30 am.

Member Agencies Present: Affordable Housing Management, Inc. (Sherry Beeson), City of Greensboro

(Charla Gaskins), City of High Point (Lauren Atwell-Bass), Family Service of the Piedmont (Shay Harger,

Becky Hunt), Greensboro Housing Authority (Tameria Fewell, Tina Gray-CoC Board, Delton Pettress, Annette Harris), Greensboro Housing Coalition (Brett Byerly-CoC Board member, Robbielene Lawhorne, Gina Uresti), Greensboro Urban Ministry (Gin Reid Hall, Wendy Scott-CoC Board member), Guilford County DHHS (Randal Hoover-CoC Board member, Janeen Skonieczny), Habitat for Humanity of Greater Greensboro (Ramona Carl-CoC Board member), High Point City Council (Cynthia Davis-CoC Board member), High Point Police Department (Jeff Boyd, Brad Tennant), Jericho House (Jack Alford), Mary’s House (Jacqueline Phillips), NC State A&T University Veteran and Disbility Services (Lt. Col Joshua Jones), Open Door Ministries (Tonya Clinard, Steve Key, Valenda Martinez), Partners Ending Homelessness (PEH) (Debbie Bailey, Benita Curtain, Gwen Taylor, Brian Hahne,) Psychotherapeutic Services, Inc. (Debbie DuRoss, Wanda Feldt), Room at the Inn (Ablert Hodges), Salvation Army Center of Hope (Jackie Lucas-CoC Board member), Sandhills Center (Donna McCormick-CoC Board member), The Servant Center (Shanna Reece-CoC Board member), Tiny Houses Greensboro (Scott Jones), Turning Point 180 (Maseta Dorley), Welfare Reform Liaison Project (Dr. Irish Spencer-CoC Board member, Bernita Sims), West End Ministries (Dana Bentley), Youth Focus, Inc. (Sarah Roethlinger-CoC Board member)

Visitors: Central Carolina Health Network (Tisha Gains), Grant Consultant (Jackie Hundt)

Welcome and Introductions Jackie Lucas, Board Chair of the Continuum of Care (CoC) called the meeting to order. Members introduced themselves and noted the organization they represent.

Sarah Roethlinger welcomed the new CoC Continuum members: Welfare Reform Liaison Project and NC A&T State University Veteran and Disability Support Services.

Dr. Irish Spencer (Welfare Reform Liaison) and Lt. Joshua Jones (NC A&T) gave a brief overview of how their agency helps the community.

Approval of Minutes Jackie Lucas asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

Motion to approve the minutes of March 9, 2017 as presented: Brett Byerly

Second: Scott Jones

Minutes approved unanimously.

Introductions of CoC Board members and vote on new Members CoC Board members present stood for an introduction.

Jackie Lucas introduced the newly nominated Board Members and asked for a motion to approve the members.

Community Minded Business – Dr. Irish Spencer – Term June 2020

Business Representative – Mr. James Lawson- Term, June 2018

Government Representative – Kay Cashion – Guilford County Commissioner – Term June 2018

Law Enforcement Representative – Lt. Calvin Stevens – Greensboro Police Department – Term June 2018

Advocate – Shanna Reece – Term June 2018

Motion to approve the new Board Members: Cynthia Davis

Second: Ramona Carl

Board Members approved unanimously

Committee Chair Introduction Jackie Lucas introduced the CoC Committee chair members and asked members to sign up to serve on Committees.

The CoC is planning to have education and training sessions for each committee to help the committees learn the work they are being asked to do. The Committee Chair will contact members about upcoming meetings.

Coordinated Entry Shanna Reece reported that for the last 6-8 weeks the Coordinated Entry committee has been meeting to come up with a plan to implement Coordinated entry along with policies and procedures. Once policies and procedures are done and approved we can identity a lead agency for Coordinated Entry.

Shanna reported that we did get approval for Margaret McFadden to assist in getting documents together for this process. Partners Ending Homelessness has applied to HUD and will become the successor grantee for the Coordinated Entry CoC grant. This will ensure that the funds will be retained in the CoC until a coordinated entry lead can be named.

Shanna explained more about how the Coordinated Entry will be set up to have no wrong door policy so those experiencing homelessness can access entry wherever they go- including major shelters and non-profits. There will be a larger focus on diversion in this system than before. Shanna described Diversion in more detail as working with families or individuals who are at risk for homelessness to figure out supports in the community to keep them from entering the system. A large number of individuals who enter shelters are staying with families and friends and we want to ask, “How can you stay longer with your family/friend?”

Shanna explained that training will be a huge component of this new system and there will be regular training requirements to ensure effectiveness with this system.

Debbie Bailey reported that we should expect an oversight function to ensure agencies are implementing the policies that are established.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) upcoming Notice Of Funding Availability (NOFA) Brian Hahne introduced Jackie Hundt, who is the grant consultant that will be helping with the HUD funding application.

The NOFA is expected to be released any day now.

All agencies were invited to attend an information session with Jackie Hundt for new and renewal CoC grant applicants immediately following the CoC membership meeting.

Agency Announcements Brian Hahne: The PEH Home run for Homelessness Event was a huge success. Ticket sales doubled from last year. The event was sponsored by Westover Church and Lincoln Financial.   Press-Spectrum news did a story on Jayme Murphy and his family. Jayme and his family were formerly homeless. It was his son’s 12th birthday and he was the one that threw out the first pitch. They hosted a birthday party in Lincoln suite.

Brian reported that PEH Allocations Committee has been working since December and has completed their part of the work on the City of Greensboro CDBG, ESG, and Nussbaum funding. They are still waiting on City to confirm the allocation amount. They are hoping to have that information by the middle of July and by August 1st to make an announcement. Funding should remain flat and the Allocations Committee’s decisions were based on that information.

Jackie Lucas: Salvation Army of Greensboro has decided that they will not renew the contract for Crisis Intervention. As of July 1, DSS will handle those services in High Point and Greensboro.

Scott Jones: Greensboro will be the first area in North Carolina to address homelessness with tiny houses.

Adjournment With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 10:10 am.


Sarah Roethlinger, Secretary

Jackie Lucas, Chair