Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) – Request for Applications

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) has issued a Request for Applications for the annual Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG). The ESG funds can be used for Emergency Response Activities, including emergency shelter operations/services and street outreach, and Housing Stability Activities, including homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing. The fair share allocation of $276,898 is available to agencies in Guilford County. The Local Planning Agency (Partners Ending Homelessness) will complete the Regional Application, due to NC DHHS by October 16, 2020, on behalf of the Guilford County Continuum of Care (CoC). In order to provide sufficient time for review, agency project applications must be submitted by Friday, September 18 by 5:00 PM.

Funding Guidance

The ESG Fair Share allocation total for Guilford County is $276,898. The State is requesting that CoCs allocate a maximum of 60% of funds for Emergency Services and a minimum of 40% for Housing Stability. Based on the 60/40% split, the allocation of funding by category available from this grant is as follows:

  • NC ESG Fair Share:  NC-504 Guilford County:  $276,898
  • Emergency Services:  Emergency Shelter and Street Outreach (60%):  $166,139 maximum
  • Housing Stability:  Rapid Rehousing and Homeless Prevention (40%):  $110,759 minimum

Preliminary Request

Although not binding, please provide a preliminary description of the funding for which your agency intends to apply by Tuesday, September 8 by 5:00 PM to the following link:  ESG Intent to Apply. The NC ESG Office is offering renewal funding for the 2020-2021 ESG allocation for agencies who were awarded funding in the 2019-2020 ESG allocation. Those agencies were directly contacted by the NC ESG Office and received a renewal certification. If an agency intends to renew their funding, the renewal certification must be included with the project application materials uploaded to the Smartsheet. In order to meet the Regional Application expectation, all applications will be evaluated through a scoring and selection process.

Application Process

NC DHHS requires that all project applications and the regional application materials be submitted online through a Smartsheet. All project applications must be submitted here. Agencies are to follow the application instructions that have been provided by NC DHHS at their website. Please refer to the ESG FY 20-21 Application Information document on the NC DHHS website for guidance on the application. Additionally, the State ESG Office is providing two Q&A webinars of September 2 and September 4. Please register for these webinars if you need further assistance.

Local Funding Process

The project submission process will be done per the NC DHHS’s instructions through the Smartsheet. The Guilford County CoC Systems Performance and Evaluation Committee (SPEC) will access to the Smartsheet to manage the process. The scoring sheets will be used by SPEC will be available after the Guilford County CoC Membership meeting on September 10. The SPEC will develop funding recommendations to be reviewed and approved at a Called Guilford County CoC Board Meeting on October 7 and the regularly scheduled Guilford County CoC Membership Meeting on October 8.

Guilford County CoC ESG Timeline

  • Friday, August 28 – An RFA communication to request applications will be sent to CoC via special newsletter, CoC website and CoC Facebook page
  • Wednesday, September 2 and Friday, September 4 – State RFA Webinar Sessions
  • Tuesday, September 8 – Agencies will submit Intent to Apply (new applications) and submit Renewal Certification (renewal applications)
  • Friday, September 18 – Project Applications due to the Local Planning Agency (PEH) by 5:00 PM
  • Thursday, September 24 – SPEC will meet to review applications
  • Wednesday, September 30 – SPEC will send funding notifications to agencies
  • Monday, October 5 – Appeals Due to SPEC Chair by 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday, October 6 – Appeals Committee convened by the SPEC Chair if needed
  • Wednesday, October 7 – SPEC will recommend funding for project applications for vote at a Called Guilford County CoC Board Meeting
  • Thursday, October 8 – SPEC will recommend funding for project applications for vote at the Guilford County CoC Membership Meeting
  • Friday, October 16 – The Local Planning Agency (PEH) will submit the Regional Applications/Project Applications to NC DHHS

Additional Information

Please feel free to contact the PEH staff (info@partnersendinghomelessness.org) or the State ESG staff with any questions.

Please remember the deadline for applications and to send the preliminary information about your request, as stated above.

Thank you,

Thanena Wilson

Chair, Guilford County CoC System Performance and Evaluation Committee (SPEC)