Membership Application

You can complete a membership application online or print out a PDF.

Membership in the Guilford Continuum of Care (CoC) ensures community-wide commitment to preventing and ending homelessness and is open to organizations and individuals representing the entire geographic area covered by the Guilford CoC.

Members must be willing to assist and improve the lives of people who are experiencing homelessness as well as prevent and end the condition of homelessness.

Recognition as a voting member of the CoC allows participation in the overall strategy and direction for ending homelessness in Guilford.  Members are listed on the CoC website, have opportunities for funding, receive weekly newsletters, and have access to training opportunities.

Members of the Continuum of Care will retain their membership and voting status as long as they are in good standing. To remain in good standing, Voting Members must attend 75% of the regularly scheduled meetings within a calendar year. Attendance at meetings is tracked on an individual basis, not at the agency/organization level. Therefore, for a Voting Member of an agency/organization to remain in good standing, he or she must attend at least 75% of the meetings.

NOTE:  Voting membership also requires execution of Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement.

  • Organizational Information

  • President / Executive Director

  • Current Board Chair

  • Voting Representatives

  • Each organization may name up to two (2) voting representatives. Only one (1) representative of an agency/organization may cast a vote on each action. In the event that neither representative can attend a duly called meeting, he or she may, with prior notice to the Chair, designate a proxy. Designations of proxies to conduct business should be rare. If a Continuum of Care voting member is unable to routinely conduct business, the agency/organization should seek to assign representation to another individual.
  • List full name, title, email and phone number