Membership Committees

Committees and Workgroups

Much of the Guilford CoC’s work is conducted at committee and workgroup meetings. Unless otherwise specified, the Guilford CoC will appoint committees, subcommittees, and workgroups to fulfill the work of the Guilford CoC through a simple majority vote at a general or special meeting.

While Standing Committees are outlined in the bylaws, ad hoc committees and workgroups serve more immediate and temporary needs to coordinate resources, programs, and direct services.

The Guilford CoC may create time-limited ad-hoc committees to develop recommended solutions to the specific issue for which they were created.

Annually, the Guilford CoC will publicize a list of all active committees and workgroups.

Standing Committees and Duties

Membership in standing committees must be approved by the Guilford CoC Board. Standing committees will include: Advocacy Committee, Coordinated Entry Committee, Development and Communications Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Governance Committee, HMIS/Data Committee, Housing Resource Committee, Membership Committee, Nominating Committee, System Performance and Evaluation Committee, and Strategic Planning Committee.

The Guilford CoC standing committees should meet monthly or more frequently depending on the tasks to be accomplished. Each committee will have a clear purpose, goals and anticipated outcomes, and overall timeline for addressing issues or problems that it was chartered to address.

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Advocacy Committee
Coordinated Entry Committee
Development and Communications Committee
Executive Committee
Finance Committee
Governance Committee
Housing Resource Committee
HMIS/Data Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
System Performance and Evaluation Committee
Strategic Planning Committee