NCDHHS Emergency Solution Grant COVID-19 Funding Awards

Press Release – Guilford County Agencies Awarded

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Emergency Solution Grant Funding for COVID-19 Relief

Monday, August 10, 2020

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) has announced the funding awards for the Emergency Solutions Grant – COVID-19 (ESG-CV) Round One.

The State’s ESG fair share allocation for the Guilford County Continuum of Care (CoC) was $929,015. Following the State’s guidance, 40% of funds ($371,606) were allocated for Emergency Response Services (Street Outreach and Emergency Shelter) and 60% of funds ($557,409) for Housing Stability (Rapid Re-Housing, HMIS, and Targeted Prevention).

The following agencies were awarded by NCDHHS for their COVID-19 relief projects:

  • Greensboro Housing Coalition received $175,000 for Housing Stability
  • Greensboro Urban Ministry received $65,000 for Crisis Response
  • Open Door Ministries received $49,560 for Crisis Response and $198,281 for Housing Stability
  • Partners Ending Homelessness received $59,366 for Crisis Response
  • Room At The Inn received $26,500 for Crisis Response
  • The Servant Center received $121,878 for Housing Stability
  • West End Ministries received $113,980 for Crisis Response
  • YWCA of Greensboro received $57,000 for Crisis Response and $62,250 for Housing Stability

As part of the funding process, a Request for Applications (RFA) was released by the Guilford County CoC members seeking eligible projects. There were ten project applications received, and all applicants did receive ESG-CV funding. This process was facilitated by the System Performance and Evaluation (SPE) Committee of the Guilford County CoC. In addition to evaluating project applications, the Committee had to consider capacity and function of the local coordinated entry process and rapid rehousing programs. It was determined that the capacity of the local process and programs are aligned with and meet the requirements of the RFA funding criteria. Therefore, the Guilford County CoC opted out of participation in the State’s Back@Home rapid rehousing program model to avoid duplication of local efforts.

With the Regional Application due July 17, 2020, the timeline to complete the application began July 1, 2020:

  • Wednesday, July 1 –communicated the ESG-CV RFA process and Guilford County CoC timeline to the entire CoC membership.
  • Tuesday, July 7 – submitted letter of justification to opt out of Back@Home due to NCDHHS per CoC Board approval.
  • Wednesday, July 8 – all project applications were submitted to the Collaborative Applicant, Partners Ending Homelessness, by 5:00 pm.
  • Monday, July 13– SPE Committee met to review and recommend project and regional applic
  • Tuesday, July 14– SPE Committee emailed letters to approved project applicants.
  • Wednesday, July 15- appeals (if any) were due back to SPE Committee Chair by 5 pm.
  • Thursday, July 16– SPE Committee Chair convened Appeals Committee if needed.
  • Friday, July 17- final approved project applications and regional application submitted to NCDHHS.

The SPE Committee met to review project applications and made recommendations to the Guilford County CoC for approval.  The timeline for the complete RFA process prompted a quick turnaround as required by the State’s deadline. After the recommendations were made, the SPE Committee communicated the funding recommendations to the project applicants, with no applicant appeals. Upon approval by the CoC Membership, the Regional Application was submitted timely by the Collaborative Applicant, Partners Ending Homelessness.

Agencies have received official notification from the NCDHHS of their awards. Any questions regarding the process may be directed to Thanena Wilson, Chair of the Guilford CoC System Performance and Evaluation Committee by email at